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A trip around the lovely world of barbequed and grilled food – from Texas to Tokyo.


Thank God for the Maillard reaction

Seared meat and veggies, toasted marshmallows and crispy pan-fried dumplings have one thing in common. They are all results of the grill effect known as the Maillard reaction. It occurs when proteins and sugars in our food are transformed by heat, producing new flavours, caramel aromas and golden brownish colours.

Grill vs. barbeque

Some think grilling and barbecuing are the same thing. They’re not. Both might use the same cooking device, but they are different techniques. Grilling is about cooking small foods, fast and hot, usually without lid and smoke. Barbecuing is about cooking large foods, low and slow, usually with smoke and the lid on.

Glaze to amaze

By adding some BBQ sauce at the end, you get a lovely, shiny, caramelised finish. Your food will be hard to resist and your guests might want to thank the chef in person.

How to nail a BBQ brisket

A juicy and tender beef brisket is simply astonishing if barbequed correctly. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

3 other ways of using rubs

Rub flavour into whatever you are cooking. Or use the rubs as shortcuts to great condiments.

Drinks for the BBQ service

Ice-cold beer is always a safe bet at barbecues. A glass of red, white or rose wine could also work really well and make it all a bit fancier. For those who want something else, an Arnold Palmer is a nice and non-alcoholic option. The drink is named after the legendary golfer and made by using equal parts of iced tea and lemonade. Just mix them and serve with a lot of ice.

Let it rest

A couple of minutes after grilling is all it takes to make juices spread evenly through the meat. The result is a tender and delicious piece that won’t lose its juiciness when you cut it.

How, why and when to use it

Not sure how to use glaze or why to use grill oil? This guide will straighten the question marks.

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