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A new level of cooking, where veggies are the heroes treated with all the love meat and dairy products has always got.


Recognition and excitement make people try

By using what’s familiar in a new way, you will usually get something your guest finds interesting but not too strange. Ginger-beets, baked watermelon and avo-coffee icecream are all great examples.

Deli Oat bites

Deli Oat bites

The revolutionary way to vegan friendly dishes

Don’t be a chicken

To make veggie dishes exciting, we must dare to try new pairings. Potatoes are great with nutmeg, parsley and horseradish. But you can also spike it with some chipotle, smoked paprika or pink pepper. Cucumber salads can be made with ginger, wasabi, apple and curry, instead of lemon, olive oil and feta which is the traditional combo.

The veggie guide

How to cook beets, cut pumpkins and find classic as well as unexpected pairings for carrots.

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