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Our range of dirty and decadent recipes that can help you drive footfall and SPH in your business


Introducing Loaded

At a time when the frequency of people eating out is in decline it is more important than ever to increase spend, Santa Maria’s Loaded concept is a range of dirty and decadent recipes that are designed to specifically drive footfall and increase spend per head in your business.

Discover how our range of Santa Maria Sauces, Rubs, Spices, and toppings, including our famous cheddar cheese sauce, can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  

Let's get Loaded!

The consequence of the reduction in eating out is that when consumers do decide to dine out, they are looking for a treat. In fact, Treat is the most common consumer mission for eating out*. So eating out has become less functional and more about treating oneself and indulgence. 

Consumers are also demanding more when they dine out, as they also want a memorable experience. To find out how our Santa Maria Loaded Concept can help you achieve this download our inspirational recipe brochure now! 

*Lumina Intelligence Eating and Drinking Out panel Dec 2022

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Loaded Fries

Fries are a staple comfort food that have been on the menu for decades. Good quality fries deserve the best seasoning and sauces, and Our Santa Maria Loaded Fries Recipes are a great way to drive additional revenue and add an indulgent treat to your menu.

Whether it’s as simple as dusting your fries with a Santa Maria seasoning or why not use it to season the protein and add it to your fries, then finish your dish with a Santa Maria Sauce.

Loaded Burgers

Burgers are the most popular item on the menu, but in such a competitive market adding the WOW is key to staying ahead of the competition. We have created these Indulgent burger recipes so you can effortlessly recreate them in your operation.

Whether its eating in or food-to-go these recipes are great way to stand out!

Loaded Nachos

Nachos are as popular as ever and appear on a third of menus, they are perfect for Food-to-Go, Casual Dining and Pubs and Bars. Our Santa Maria Nacho recipes deliver against today’s mega trends of experience, Indulgence, and customisation.

Our Santa Maria Tortilla Chips are baked and made from corn. They pair perfectly with our Salsa, Guacamole and Jalapenos. Or if you are looking for something a little more decadent, why not finish with our Santa Maria Pit Beans.

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