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Santa Maria Korean BBQ Fries

Korean BBQ Fries

  • Mild

Discover a mouthwatering fusion of flavors in our Korean BBQ Fries recipe. Crispy golden fries are generously topped with tender chicken and crunchy kimchi, drizzled with a Korean BBQ sauce, and finished with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and fresh green onions. These loaded fries are a tasty harmony of smoky, spicy, and umami tastes, bringing the vibrant essence of Korean cuisine to your plate.

What to shop

No of portions
200 g Fries
70 g chicken breast fillet
70 g Kimchi
30 g Sriracha Mayo
5 g Santa Maria Wasabi & Sesame 295 g
Sriracha mayo (makes 10 portions):
150 ml Santa Maria Sriracha Sauce 980 g
150 ml mayonnaise
Kimchi (makes 10 portions):
250 g cabbage
250 g Red Cabbage
2 carrots
150 g Red Onion
15 g Santa Maria Kimchi spice mix 315 g
lime juice

How to prepare

  1. In advance make Kimchi Slaw and Sriracha Mayo.

  2. Cook fries and chicken as per instructions.

  3. Season with Red Chili and Ginger.

  4. Load up the Fries with Chicken, Slaw, Korean BBQ sauce and Sriracha Mayo.

  5. Garnish with Wasabi and Sesame and Coriander.

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