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Different kinds off peppercorns in close-up

Tastes of Pepper

Diagram of different peppers' taste and character

Pepper spectrums

Just like wine or oil, peppercorns get their name from their place of origin. And their territory – local soil and climate – has a huge bearing in shaping each pepper's flavour profile. It's why pepper is at its very best when paired with other regional ingredients and cuisines.

Split black pepper kernel in close-up

Pepper chemistry

We did say that pepper is a complex little berry. It owes much of its unique flavours to a chemical called piperine. Break through the husk of a peppercorn, where all the essential oils are found, and at its heart you'll find piperine. 

All you need to know

Keep it fresh!

Whole black peppercorns will last up to three years stored in a tightly sealed container, but once ground they quickly lose their essential oils that lend flavour to the heat.

Buy in smaller quantities, rotate carefully and be ruthless about best before dates.

Pepper is harvested on a farm in India

From farm to plate

Our Tellicherry pepper story is one of quality, provenance and, of course, flavour. Read on to see how you can bring it home to your meals. 

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Our pepper

Only the best pepper is good enough for us.

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