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Our responsibility

We believe good taste is more than just the culinary experience in itself. It is also equally about taking responsibility for people and the environment.


New Sustainability Targets for 2030

Read our new sustainability targets for 2030 to drive the sustainable future of food. 

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Our way of thinking about our responsibility

Only the best is good enough and we never compromise on taste. This is our promise to you. It is also natural for us to integrate sustainability thinking into everything we do.

Our way of thinking
Fish taco.

Health and well-being

As a food manufacturer, we have a very special responsibility towards those who buy our products. What you eat has a direct impact on your health.

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A big green field.


Great taste begins with respect for our planet. Everything we produce has its origin in the earth.

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Responsible sourcing

We have high expectations of product safety, quality, and social and environmental responsibility. And we work in close cooperation with our suppliers to ensure that the ingredients in our products are produced responsibly.

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Cooperation projects

We have drawn ingredients, flavours and inspiration from the colourful cultures around the world for our popular food concepts. Therefore we also want to give something back to the communities that have played such a central role in our success.

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Modern Slavery Statement

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