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Foodservice Concepts

This is where you find Santa Maria Foodservice's concepts, tailored to generate great taste experiences and develop your business.

What is a concept?

They’re a game changer – a way to bring new and exciting flavours to the consumer, while benefiting your business. Our branded concepts are based on our experiences of the world and its bounty of spices and flavours. We put spices and flavours together in an innovative way, create new products and then pair them with recipes and ideas to help you bring them to life in your kitchen.

logo Street at home

Street at home

Streat at-home is a pre-prepped dinner that your customers can take home from work. Why? Because the world's a busy place. It's a world now geared towards convenience.

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Logo Reflavoured

World Reflavoured

It's not just the extraordinary aromas and colours... it's that sneaky little palette kick that you just weren't expecting.

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logo for Wake up

Wake up

How d’ya like your eggs in the morning? We like ours with a twist…

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logo for World wraps

World wraps

Wraps that are quick to prepare and serve.

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