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Catch the taste of fire

Our love for grilled food never goes out of time. Here we give you inspiring ideas on how to explore good and exciting barbeques from Texas to Tokyo.

Grill Concept

Say hello to a brand new food concept from Santa Maria that will help you serve grilled food from all over the world all year round! Our love for grilled food never goes out of time.

Here we give you inspirational ideas on how to explore grills from Texas to Tokyo. We promise you simple solutions, an assortment of brand new products and of course a range of recipes, from super fresh vegan burgers to classic piece of meat with a twist.

Grill Report Brochure

Why we can't get enough of grill?

We liked the taste of grill since we lived in caves and cooked all our food over open fire. It is deeply rooted in us, but what exactly is grilled food to us? Santa Maria's taste experts have turned to the history and research and found the answer. Read more in our report, where we also reveal what the guests like best and which trends are the hottest.

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köttbit med Chimichurri

A new grill concept!

Santa Maria's new food concept Catch The Taste Of Fire helps you serve the taste of roast all year round. It is a food concept that has burned within us since the beginning of time and which is actually less about the fire itseld and more about the taste of fire. About the hot, sour, juicy, and smoky flavour of the tongue. We will help you with inspirational ideas on how to explore Texas barbeque grills. We promise you simple solutions, an assortment of brand new products and of course a range of recipes, from Korean tacos to Jamaican jerk.

mat från hela världen

World of grill!

The barbeque kitchens around the world literally boil new flavours and new ways to explore grilled food. From Southeast Asia and South America to Korea and Mexico. Our desire for grilled food has never been greater. Santa Maria captures that love in exciting rubs, spice mixes, glazer and grill sauces. We create completely new taste combinations that transform traditional dishes into modern and healthy barbeque favourites from all parts of the world. This is a concept that can be used all year round and it works equally well in restaurants, hotels and school kitchens. You do not even have to have fire to bring out the taste of fire.

grillprodukter från Santa Maria

The Taste of Grill!

The taste of roast comes as spice blends perfect for fried, grilled or roasted vegetables. Which you can use as rub or why not as flavouring for your own BBQ Rub butter? The world is full of different barbeque flavours and in our new sauces you will find everything from Asian fusion flavour and Caribbean tones to Morrocan and Indian heat.

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fräsha såser chimichurri och Chili ginger

Fresh Sauce in just 15 minutes!

Here's a hot tip: Our new spice mixes Chimichurri and Red Chilli & Ginger can be turned into fresh sauces for your fried, grilled or roasted vegetables in just a few minutes. All you have to do is miz the spices with equal parts of oil and water ( Red Chilli & Ginger also needs some Japanese soy sauce). That's it! The sauces work just as well as dressing for salads or in a marinade.

New BBQ & Grill Products

Catch these new taste!

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