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Santa Maria Indian Nacho Plate

Indian Nacho Plate

  • Mild

Bold and punchy Indian inspired flavours with a nacho twist! We marinate diced chicken breast in our delicious Santa Maria Kerala Curry Spice and Yoghurt, then pan-fry it to perfection. For the ultimate crunch, we prepare Kerala Homestyle Nachos by frying chopped chapatti triangles with our Kerala Curry Spice. For that final added twist, this dish is topped with pomegranate gems and a drizzle of sticky mango chutney.

What to shop

No of portions
Indian Nacho Plate
chicken breasts
Santa Maria Kerala Curry Spice Mix 553 g
Santa Maria Mango Chutney
Santa Maria Elephant Atta Chapatti

How to prepare

Here are our 3 quick and simple steps to recreate this dish:
1. Place warm Chapatti Chips in a serving bowl​
2. Add the Spinach Leaves to the warm chips and mix through, add the Kerala Curry Chicken ​
3. Garnish with Mango Chutney ,Mint Raita and top with pomegranate pearls
Kerala Nachos 
  • 105g Kerala Curry Chapatti Chips ​
  • 125g Kerala Curry Chicken​
  • 20g Spinach​
  • 60g 4650 Santa Maria Mango Chutney 
  • 40g Mint Raita ​
  • 15g Pomegranate Pearls​
Kerala Chicken 
  • 100g Diced chicken breast. ​
  • 10g 101266 Santa Maria Kerala Curry Spice
  • 25g Natural Yoghurt​
  • Mix Chicken, Kerala Seasoning, Natural Yoghurt in a bowl. Pan Fry ​
Kerala Homestyle Nachos 
  • 2 100g IN0800 Elephant Atta Chapatti
  • 5g 101266 Santa Maria Kerala Curry Spice
NOTE: Chop Chapati into 6 Triangles and fry until crisp, toss in Kerala Curry spice mix ​

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