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Barbacoa Burrito Bowl

Barbacoa Burrito Bowl

  • 19 Ingredients

Hailing from Mexico, Beef Barbacoa is a beef dish that's traditionally slow-cooked – often in pits – with seasonings or a light broth until very tender. The demand for bowl food is growing and is particularly popular for the health conscious. Consumers are also enticed by the customisable nature of the dish. Perfect for a Restaurant.

What to shop

No of portions
Barbacoa Burrito Bowl
1 kg rice
600 g Slaw
750 g Beef Barbacoa
850 g Pit Beans
400 g Santa Maria Avocado Slices
400 g Santa Maria Salsa 950 g
100 g Santa Maria Green Jalapeños 500g
100 g Santa Maria Cheddar Cheese Sauce
chopped coriander
Beef Barbacoa
800 g Braising Beef
20 g Santa Maria Chipotle Paste
15 g Santa Maria Beef Brisket Rub 545 g
400 ml beef stock
Pit Beans
200 g Santa Maria Chilli Beans
10 g Santa Maria Chipotle Paste
Pit Beans v2
200 g Santa Maria Pinto Beans
20 g Santa Maria Chipotle Paste
100 g Santa Maria Salsa 950 g

How to prepare

Marinate the beef in Chipotle Paste, beef stock, lime juice, beef brisket seasoning ideally overnight but for at least 4 hours

Cover and cook at 160 ⷪc for 4 hours until tender 

Add the cooked rice to a bowl 

Add the slaw  

Add the beef barbacoa 

Add the pit beans 

Add the Avocado Slices 

Add the Salsa 

Garnish with Jalapeños and Cheese Sauce 


COMMERCIAL - Create the true Mexican experience by serving with a frozen margarita. 

UPSELL - To Increase spending, why not offer Santa Maria Tortillas on the side?

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