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Stand Out With Grill Mark Tortillas

Grill Mark Tortillas

Grill Mark Tortilla Wrap

With staff shortages and often a lack of skills, operators are needing to find solutions that are easy to prepare with minimal skill and effort. With this in mind we're launching our NEW 12" soft Grill Mark Tortilla Wrap with pre-made grill marks. Not only will your customers be saving time, as they won't need to worry about adding the grill marks but it also adds value by offering a premium, authentic experience with its look and grilled flavour vs what a standard wrap can offer. Providing an opportunity to drive extra profit in return.

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grill mark tortillas

Ticks all the boxes 

When it comes to ticking all the right boxes, our new Grill Mark Tortilla Wrap does just that. With their eye-catching stripes and flamed grilled flavour, they're hugely versatile and are perfect for those smaller format kitchens with low skill experience. Made in our carbon neutral factory in Milton Keynes, our Tortillas are of the highest quality and will deliver consistently. Being a generous 12" in size they have many uses across menu. Whether it may be hot or cold, our Grill Mark Tortilla is the perfect choice to premiumise a classic wrap. Or can be used for Burritos, Kebabs, Quesadillas, Mezze or even cut them up, fry them and make Tortilla Chips for indulgent Nachos.

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Versatile... more uses than stripes!

Being a generous 12" in size they have many uses across menu. Whether it may be a hot or cold wrap, the perfect choice to premiumise a classic wrap. Or can be used for Burritos, Kebabs, Quesadillas, Mezze or even cut them up and make into Tortilla Chips and fry for indulgent Nachos. 

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sweet potato

Sweet Potato Burrito 

This simple recipe will save you time and really add value, by giving that newly cooked appearance. Using sweet potato seasoned with our spices, feta cheese and adding our frozen avocado slices, this wrap is delicious! It's a great product that can be used across daypart and menu offerings and works well as a takeaway option too.

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grilled kebab

Charcoal Grilled Kebab

Grilled chicken, smooth hummus & fresh veggies all wrapped up in our Grill Mark Tortilla Wrap. This recipe suits various options across the menu and perfect as a takeaway offering too. Don't forget our Tortillas are suitable for freezing, just store in an air tight container. Our Grill Mark Tortillas offer the perfect solution by saving you time. Just fill, fold and go! 

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Everyone wins with Grill Mark Tortillas

With our New Grill Mark Tortillas your customers can really stand out from the crowd compared to their competitors. They're easy to store and have a long shelf life, so versatile and can be used across numerous dayparts and occasions. We know consumers are looking for more and want to indulge and treat themselves. 87% of consumers think good quality food has a price and 75% are happy to pay for higher quality*. Our New Grill Mark Tortillas offer that authentic, premium experience compared to standard wraps. Take a look and get in touch with us so we can help you save time and add value. *CGA 2021 & Lumina Intelligence 2022

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Make your mark using Tortillas with Grill Marks. Take a look at the what, why and how with our new Grill Mark Tortillas brochure. 

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