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Santa Maria Sweet Banoffee Nachos

Sweet Banoffee Nachos

Na-cho average nachos with our Sweet Banoffee Nachos - a truly indulgent dessert sensation! Crispy homestyle tortilla chips, caramelised bananas, caramel sauce, creamy ice cream, and crushed biscuits create the perfect sweet and unique treat. Give this dish a go and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

What to shop

No of portions
caramel sauce
ice cream
Santa Maria Vanilla Sugar 700 g
Santa Maria Tortilla 10" 4500 g
ground cinnamon

How to prepare

Here are our 3 quick and simple steps to recreate this dish:

  • Once you have cut your tortilla wraps into 6 triangles and deep fried until golden, place warm Homestyle ​Tortilla chips in a bowl
  • Add banana and Ice cream. 
  • Top with caramel Sauce and crumble biscuits dust with vanilla sugar. 
Sweet Banoffee Nachos
  • 100g Homestyle Tortilla Chips​
  • 100g Caramelised banana​
  • 20g Caramel sauce​
  • 40g Ice cream​
  • 10g Crushed caramelised biscuit.​
  • Santa Maria Vanilla Sugar 
  • 101181 Santa Maria Ground Cinnamon 
  • 100g x 4921 10 ’’Santa Maria Tortilla Wrap 
Homestyle Tortilla Chips
  • 100g x 4921 10 ’’ Santa Maria Tortilla Wrap 
  • 101247 Santa Maria Vanilla Sugar (to personal taste)
  • 101181 Santa Maria Ground Cinnamon (to personal taste)
  • Cut Tortilla into 6 triangles and deep fry until golden, toss in Vanilla Sugar and cinnamon​
 ​Caramelized Banana
  • 100g Banana​
  • Caramelised Banana in butter and Vanilla Sugar​



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