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Chocolate brownies with straberries on a wooden board

Strawberry and chocolate brownies

  • 7 Ingredients
  • Medium

Mouth watering brownies with rich chocolate, strawberries and that extra touch of chili and lime.

What to shop

No of portions
1200 g dark chocolate
500 g butter
1 tbsp Santa Maria Chili & Lime 285 g
200 g chopped strawberries
800 g caster sugar
400 g plain flour
12 eggs

How to prepare

Melt butter and chocolate together in microwave for approx 2 mins. Whisk eggs and sugar together in mixer until soft. Fold into the chocolate mix, mix well. Fold in flour, strawberries and the Santa Maria Chili & Lime. Place in lined baking tray, well greased. Cook in preheated oven at 160 °C/320 °F/Gas Mark 3, for 30 minutes or until firm in the middle. Cool well, then cut.

Chef´s tip!
Serve warm for breakfast.

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