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breakfast burrito

Sausage and baked beans burrito

  • 4 Ingredients
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A recipe for a breakfast burrito, filled with sausage, baked beans and salsa.

What to shop

No of portions
Breakfast burrito
10 cooked port sausage, cut in the middle
300 g baked beans
200 g Santa Maria Salsa 950 g
10 Santa Maria Tortilla 12 (30cm) Ambient 6480 g

How to prepare

Slightly drain baked beans, place over the wrap, then add the sausage to the end, fold and then roll. Cook in a panini grill or oven for 6 minutes, then serve with Santa Maria Salsa.

Chef's tip

You can use a spicy sausage to give this burrito a real Mexican taste. Brown but not too crisp!

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