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Pork Pibil Taco

Pork Pibil Taco

  • 13 Ingredients

Pibil is a traditional Yucatec Mayan slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Peninsula. Preparation of traditional pibil involves marinating the meat in strongly acidic citrus juice, adding annatto seed, which imparts a vivid burnt orange colour, and roasting the meat wrapped in banana leaf. Don’t worry no need for banana leaves here we have created this recipe so it’s easy to use. Perfect for a Restaurant.

What to shop

No of portions
Pork Pibil Taco
10 Santa Maria Tortilla 6" 3960 g
400 g Pork Pibil
100 g Sour Cream
300 g Slaw
10 g Santa Maria Pickling Spice Mix 400 g
100 g Red Onion
Pork Pibil
1500 g Onion
150 g garlic
10 tbsp Santa Maria Oregano 65 g
100 g Ground Annatto
1500 ml orange juice
1000 ml apple cider vinegar
15 kg Pork Shoulder

How to prepare

To make the marinade blend together the onion, garlic, oregano, ground annatto, orange juice, and cider vinegar 

Rub into the diced pork shoulder 

Marinate your Pork ideally overnight or for at least 4 hours.  

Place in an oven proof dish  

Add a dash of water 

Cover with foil and cook at 140 ⷪc for 4 hours until tender 

At least 15 mins before serving mix together your Pickling Spice and red onion 


To build your Taco 

Warm your Tortilla Wrap 

Add the slaw  

Add the pork pibil 

Drizzle over the sour cream 

Garnish with the pickled red onion  


CHEFS TIP - Make your own Pickled Onion with our quick and easy Santa Maria Pickling Spice, simply mix with onion.


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