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Santa Maria Nashville Hot Burger

Nashville Hot Burger

Introducing the Nashville Hot Burger concept – a sizzling symphony of flavors that will ignite your customers taste buds! A succulent chicken patty is smothered in zesty buffalo sauce, crowned with a crispy onion ring, and generously drizzled with creamy green chili cheese sauce. But that's not all! Why not take it up a notch with honey-glazed bacon for a sweet and savory kick. Topped off with crisp iceberg lettuce, this burger is a harmonious blend of heat, crunch, and pure satisfaction. Get ready to experience a burger like no other – it's a flavor explosion in every bite!

What to shop

No of portions
2 g Santa Maria Chilli Pepper Red Hot Flakes 295 g
260 g Santa Maria Piri Piri Sauce 950 g
400 g Santa Maria Cheddar Cheese Sauce
150 g Santa Maria Green Jalapeños 500g
rostad röd paprika

How to prepare

  1. Make the buffalo sauce and green chili cheese sauce in advance.

  2. Fry chicken as per instructions then toss in chili rub.

  3. Cook bacon with a drizzle of honey

  4. Toast bun

  5. Layer Iceberg, Chicken, Buffalo, Bacon, Cheese Sauce and Jalapeños. Top with onion rings and red chili.

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