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Nacho your average Nachos

  • 5 Ingredients

A tasty, simple to make dessert using our Grill Mark Tortillas. This recipe is inspired by Gareth Attwell's 'Nacho your average Nachos' dish.

What to shop

No of portions
1 Santa Maria Grill Mark Flour Tortilla Wrap
90 g bananas
Santa Maria Vanilla Sugar 700 g
20 g caramel sauce
30 g vanilla ice cream
10 g Biscoff

How to prepare

1. Cut Grill Mark Tortilla into Triangle pieces

2. Fry in oil in a pan 

3. Pat dry with kitchen towel any excess oil and cool off

4. Add banana softened in butter, Santa Maria vanilla sugar, caramel sauce, vanilla ice-cream and crushed Biscoff

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