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Santa Maria Nacho Salad Bowl

Nacho Salad Bowl

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Salad bowls provide a quick option for individuals who want a nutritious meal on the go. The ultimate fusion of textures and tastes in one bowl. The Nacho Salad Bowl is a flavour-packed dish featuring fresh spinach, Mex rice bursting with salsa and fajita seasoning, vibrant red cabbage, and zesty red onion. It also is topped with creamy Avocado Slices, Mexican Salsa, a kick of Sliced Green Jalapeños, and the satisfying crunch of Salted Tortilla Chips. To finish it off, we've added our Vegan Chipotle Mayo for a taste explosion!

What to shop

No of portions
Nacho Salad Bowl
Red Cabbage
Red Onion
Santa Maria Avocado Slices
Santa Maria Salsa Medium
Santa Maria Green Jalapeños
tortilla chip
Santa Maria Chipotle Mayo Topping
Santa Maria Fajita Seasoning Mix Mild

How to prepare

Here are our 3 quick and simple steps to recreate this dish:
1. Place Rice, Spinach, Tortilla Chips and Cabbage in a bowl
2. Top with Red onion, Avocado Slices, Salsa and Jalapenos
3. Pour over the Chipotle Mayo
Nacho Salad Bowl
  • 15g Spinach​
  • 60g Mex rice- salsa, fajita​
  • 15g Red cabbage​
  • 15g Red onion​
  • 25g 4752 Santa Maria Avocado Slices
  • 30g 4745 Santa Maria Mexican Salsa
  • 15g 4757 Santa Maria Sliced Green Jalapeños
  • 15g 32105 Santa Maria Salted Tortilla Chips
  • 27g Vegan Chipotle Mayo
Vegan Chipotle Mayo
  • 25g Vegan Mayo ​
  • 2g Chipotle Paste  ​
Mex Rice ​
  • 250g Cooked Rice​
  • 20g 101263 Santa Maria Fajita Seasoning 
  • 50G 4745 Santa Maria Salsa 

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