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Santa Maria Fresh Guacamole and Nachos

Fresh Guacamole & Nachos

Our guacamole starts with our Santa Maria Avocado Slices, blended with fresh Tomato, zesty Red Onion, and a hint of Coriander. A squeeze of Lime adds a vibrant burst of flavour. Pair it with our Santa Maria Tortilla Chips for the ultimate dip-and-crunch experience. Dive into this fresh, irresistible combo today and elevate your nacho game to a whole new level!

What to shop

No of portions
Fresh Guacamole & Nachos
Santa Maria Avocado Slices
Tomato, diced
chopped coriander
Red Onion, sliced
lime juice

How to prepare

Here are our 3 quick and simple steps to recreate this dish:
1. Chop all of your vegetable ingredients
2. Break your avocado slices down so that it turns into a thick paste
3. Mix your chopped ingredients into your guacamole and finish with a splash of lime juice
Freah Guacamole
130g 4752 Santa Maria Avocado Slices
20g​ Tomato
3g Coriander ​
20g​ Red Onion
Half the juice of Lime 

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