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Fish and Chip Burrito

Fish and Chip Burrito

  • 8 Ingredients

Who doesn’t love Fish and Chips, it’s a staple on any menu. So, we have taken this classic dish and added a Mexican twist by combining it with the Burrito. Consumers will love the taste of the seaside in a handheld easy-to-eat dish. Of course, don’t forget the mushy peas! Perfect for Pubs and Bars.

What to shop

No of portions

How to prepare

Cook your fish as per the instructions 

Cook your chips as per the instructions, once cooked season with Lemon Pepper 

Add your diced Jalapeños to the tartare sauce 

Season the peas with Chilli Explosion 

Warm your Tortilla  

Add the fish 

Add the chips 

Add the Jalapeños tartare sauce and peas 

Fold your Burrito and serve 


CHEFS TIP - Why not spice up your Tartare Sauce by adding some of our diced Jalapeños? 


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