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Santa Maria Crunchy Nacho Burrito Wrap

Crunchy Nacho Burrito Wrap

  • Mild

Get a taste of Mexico with our Crunchy Burrito Wrap which is our Tex-Mex delight you can't resist! This perfectly seasoned minced beef with our Mexican Fajita Seasoning and Chipotle Paste, topped with our Santa Maria Salsa for a quick and savoury chilli con carne, are a delicious flavoursome treat. Wrap it up in our Tortilla wraps with Mexican rice, and why not add a bit of heat with hot beef chilli, our Santa Maria Chipotle Sauce, Sliced Green Jalapeños, and a crunch of Tortilla Chips

What to shop

No of portions
Santa Maria Tortilla 12 (30cm) Ambient 6480 g
Santa Maria Chipotle Sauce 890 g
Santa Maria Green Jalapeños
Santa Maria Fajita Seasoning Mix Mild
Santa Maria Chipotle Paste
Santa Maria Salsa Medium
Santa Maria Tortilla Chips Salted

How to prepare

Here are our 3 quick and simple steps to recreate this dish:
1. Warm Tortillas Wrap 
2. Add the Mex rice, beef chilli and Jalapenos 
3. Pour over the chipotle sauce and add the tortilla chips
Crunchy Burrito Nacho Wrap
  • 1 x 102360 Santa Maria 12’’ Flour Tortilla Wrap 
  • 100g Mex Rice ​
  • 150g Hot Beef Chilli Mix ​
  • 40g 45445 Santa Maria Chipotle Sauce 
  • 20g 4757 Santa Maria Sliced Green Jalapeños ​
  • 25g 3210 Santa Mara Tortilla Chip 
Hot Beef Chilli 
  • 800g Minced Beef ​
  • 35g 101263 Santa Maria Mexican Fajita Seasoning 
  • 35g 4618 Santa Maria Chipotle Paste 
  • 250g 4745 Santa Maria Salsa 
Mex Rice 
  • 250g Cooked Rice​
  • 20g 101263 Santa Maria Fajita Seasoning 
  • 50G 4745 Santa Maria Salsa 

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