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Classic Nachos

Classic Nachos

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This recipe is so simple and tastes great, just like all our recipes it can be made using 3 simple steps, 1 – Chips, 2 – Toppings, and 3 – Garnish. It's so easy anybody can make them so whether you already have Nachos on the menu and you want to elevate them or you are looking at introducing them contact us to find out more.

What to shop

No of portions
Classic Nachos
Santa Maria Tortilla Chips Salted
Santa Maria Cheddar Cheese Sauce
Santa Maria Green Jalapeños 500g
Santa Maria Salsa Medium
Santa Maria Guacamole Frozen

How to prepare

Here are our 3 quick and simple steps to recreate this dish:
1. Place warm tortillas in a bowl
2. Pour over the cheese sauce and add the jalapeños
3. Top with salsa and guacamole.
  • 100g Santa Maria Tortilla Chips Salted 32105
  • 60g Santa Maria Cheddar Cheese Sauce 200775
  • 60g Santa Maria Green Jalapeños 4757
  • 100g Santa Maria Mexican Salsa 4745
  • 60g Santa Maria Guacamole 4919

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