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Chicken Tinga Taco

Chicken Tinga Taco

  • 10 Ingredients

Chicken has long been the biggest selling protein in the OOH market. Chicken Tinga is a Mexican dish made with shredded chicken in a sauce which consists of tomatoes, chipotle chillies and sliced onions. It is often served on a tostada and accompanied by a layer of refried beans. It can be topped with avocado slices and crumbled cheese. In this recipe we have used our Santa Maria Flour Tortillas. Perfect for pubs and bars.

What to shop

No of portions
Chicken Tinga Taco
10 Santa Maria Tortilla 6" 3960 g
50 g Lettuce, shredded
600 g Chicken Tinga
200 g Santa Maria Chipotle Sauce 890 g
Santa Maria Red Jalapeños
Chicken Tinga
200 g Red Onion
250 g mixed peppers
60 g Santa Maria Mex Fajita Spice Mix
30 g Santa Maria Chipotle Paste
1 kg Chicken thigh, skinless boneless

How to prepare

To make 17 portions of the Chicken Tinga 

Mix the red onion, mixed peppers, Fajita Seasoning, Chipotle Paste, chicken thighs together thoroughly. 

Place in an oven proof dish and cover.  

Cook at 140ºc for 2 hours. 

The chicken should be tender and pull easily.  

Mix again and finish uncovered at 160°c for 20mins.  

Warm your Tortilla Wrap 

Add the lettuce 

Add the chicken tinga 

Drizzle over the Chipotle Sauce 

Garnish with Red Jalapeños 

PREMIUMIZE - Why not grill your Tortilla Wrap to create a Tostada, perfect for a more premium offering?

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