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Cheeseburger Taco

Cheeseburger Taco

  • 9 Ingredients

Burgers are one of the most popular items consumed when eating out and who doesn't love a Cheeseburger. This is the perfect recipe for serving the familiar in a new and exciting way! Perfect for Pubs and Bars.

What to shop

No of portions
10 Santa Maria Tortilla 6" 3960 g
300 g minced beef
50 g Santa Maria Steakhouse BBQ Spice 565 g
200 g Lettuce, shredded
100 g Santa Maria Cheddar Cheese Sauce
100 g Chopped Gherkin
100 g Burger Sauce
30 g Crispy Onion
Tomato Ketchup (optional)

How to prepare

Add beef mince to a pan and cook over high heat until well browned. 

Reduce the heat, add the Steakhouse Seasoning, and stir to coat the mince. 

Warm your Tortilla Wrap 

Add the lettuce and cooked mince 

Spread over the Cheese Sauce on the Tortilla Wrap 

Add the gherkins 

Drizzle over the burger sauce  

Top with crispy onions and tomato ketchup (optional) 


UPSELL - Why not upsell with a portion of salsa as a dipping pot on the side? 

INSIGHT - By combining two of the most popular Street Food dishes burgers & tacos you can really tap into the Street Food Trend. 


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