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Birria Beef Taco

Birria Beef Taco

  • 16 Ingredients

The Word Birria means ‘exquisite savory dish ‘and that is exactly what this recipe is. Birria Tacos are traditionally made from beef, the beef is slow cooked in a chilli sauce resulting in a fall apart tender mouthwatering beef filling making it the ultimate comfort food. The consommé can then be used to make a dipping sauce. Making this Birria beef Taco the most indulgent Taco recipe we have. Perfect for Food-to-Go and Food Trucks.

What to shop

No of portions
Birria Beef Taco
10 Santa Maria Tortilla 6" 3960 g
200 g Cheese, grated
500 g Birria Beef
To Garnish
50 g Finely Diced Onion
chopped coriander
Lime Wedge
50 g Santa Maria Chipotle Sauce 890 g
Birria Beef
1.5 kg Braising Beef
250 g Sliced Onion
20 g garlic
100 g Diced Carrot
40 g Santa Maria Rub & Dry Marinade Chili 500 g
10 g Santa Maria Ancho Chilli
1 tbsp Santa Maria Oregano 65 g
300 g Diced Mixed Peppers
10 g Santa Maria Mex Fajita Spice Mix

How to prepare

Add all ingredients apart from the beef in a large stock pot and sweat for 10mins.  

Simmer until the carrots are soft, then add the beef.  

Cover with foil and cook at 140 ⷪc for 5 hours until tender, then shred 

To build the taco fill a wrap with the cheese and beef  

Fold in half 

Fry in a pan with some oil until golden and the cheese has melted 

Garnish with onion, coriander, and lime and Chipotle Sauce  

Pour the jus from the stock pot and serve on the side 


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