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Some of Europe’s favourite dishes – all the way from Mexico and all the way from familiar to trendsetting.


Tacos to the rescue

When you don’t know what to do with your leftovers, simply put them in a taco or burrito. Is there a better way to reduce food waste while increasing profitability and developing the menu?

Put Insta-friendly food on the menu

Since people are increasingly choosing what to eat based on the visual appeal of the food, these naturally eye-catching tortillas add a lot of value – for your place and for your guests. They give you Insta-friendly dishes that make photos stand out in the social media feeds.

Highway to profit

Tacos means good food, easy preparations and low cost. You don’t need any expensive ingredients to make a couple of Chicken Tacos L.A. style, but you can easily charge about 10 euros for them.

The right tortilla for the job

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