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Nutritious and exciting food for our dear youngsters and elders, those who fight for peace and those who fight for health.


Participation is powerful

By somehow letting your guests influence what’s put on the table, the cooking hit rate will increase. Simple actions like wish weeks or naming the dishes on the menu can be powerful.

Revolutionary protein

The Flakes and Granules from Gold&Green are revolutionary protein products customised for large scale kitchens. They make your food nutritious, easy to prepare and available for everyone.

Invite your guests to the world of food

People of all ages are curious. They want to know the difference between black and white pepper, what Garam Masala literally means and how many tastings it takes to turn a coriander hater into a coriander lover. By serving this kind trivia we can trigger food interest.

Versatile tortillas

A soft tortilla can be used for tacos and burritos, but also pizzas, quesadillas and much more. Thanks to its versatility, it enables you to simplify the kitchen operations, reduce waste and increase profitability.

Taste is important. Scent is more important.

About 90% of the flavours we feel are technically scent experiences. As we get older our sense of smell may fade. But it can still be trained and get better. That’s why you should use a lot of spices that add flavour and scent to your food – especially when cooking for elders.

Cinnamon vs. cinnamon

There are mainly two types of cinnamon and they come from the bark of different trees. The most common one is Cassia cinnamon. It has a sweet and full-bodied flavour with almond and marzipan notes. The more expensive Ceylon cinnamon is lighter and milder. It has an herbal and savoury flavour with notes of wood, citrus and vanilla.

The benefits of good meals

Good meals are key to healthy people. In addition to the physical benefits, a good meal contributes with something enjoyable. It’s a social moment where security is created and relationships are built. 

Convenient spice blends

Perfectly balanced spice blends create shortcuts to amazing dishes. They are quick and easy ways to nail the flavouring every time.

Check out our spice blends

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