Santa Maria UK Foodservice
Visiting a chilli supplier in India.

Responsible sourcing

For us a good business is both sustainable and fair.

The raw materials and ingredients that we purchase are not only crucial for the quality of our products, but also for our overall impact on people and the environment. We have high expectations of product safety, quality, and social and environmental responsibility. And we work in close cooperation with our suppliers to ensure that the ingredients in our products are produced responsibly.

Code of conduct

Through our Supplier Code of Conduct, we communicate the expectations and basic requirements that we place on responsibility for people and the environment. 

We constantly monitor and evaluate our suppliers to ensure that our expectations are met. Monitoring takes place either in the form of self-assessments or through on-site audits at the supplier’s site. If we decide that there is room for improvement, we agree on an action plan together with the supplier.

Continuous evaluation is an important part of our work on responsible sourcing. Through evaluation we can support our suppliers and cooperate with them in the best way while also contributing to a sustainable supply chain from farming to our warehouses. Read more on our Code of Conduct. 

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