Santa Maria UK Foodservice

Joel's veggie school

Our own taste expert, Joel Waje, teaches you how to cook the best veggies of the season.

It is easy to cook green!

Many of us want to eat more vegetables, but it's not always easy to know what to do with it. Here's our top tips for cooking with this season's vegetables.

Joel Waje

Joel Waje is one of several taste developers at Santa Maria. He comes from a family filled with professional and hobby cooks and cookbook writers, and he knew early on that food would be the focus of his career.
Joel has a long experience as a restaurant chef and his philosophy is to put the vegetables in focus and to choose meat, fish or poultry more as an accessory. As a child, Joel gladly helped his parents with the vegetable cultivation and for him it is important to not let anything go to waste; Even a crooked carrot is a good carrot.

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