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Making a difference in challenging times

As a food and beverage company, Paulig plays an important role in securing the continued supply of goods to consumers. Meanwhile, we are doing our utmost to minimize the risk of continued spread of the Coronavirus in the society, by taking precautionary measures in all parts of our value chain. It is our firm belief that Paulig, together with our suppliers, customers and partners, can make a difference in these challenging times.


At Paulig, the health and wellbeing of our employees are always top priority. Taking precautionary measures to make sure our employees stay safe, also means that we protect our families and loved ones, as well as consumers, customers and business partners. 

Paulig has imposed strict limitations on travels as well as visits to our premises. In most countries where we have operations, office workers are urged to work from home.

For our employees in factories and warehouses - our frontline heroes - who do not have the option of performing their tasks as remote, we are taking a range of precautionary measures to make sure that we are doing everything we can to secure their health and wellbeing as well as the quality of our products. This not only protects our employees – it also makes sure that we can continue to offer food and beverages to the consumers.


As a supplier of food and beverages, we must ensure that the store shelves can be restocked with the products that people need. Therefore, we have imposed precautionary measures in our already strict procedures at factories and warehouses. Only business-critical visits are allowed and traffic between sites are strictly limited. We are in close contact with our suppliers to make sure that there are no interruptions in supply of e.g. raw material or packaging and we are constantly monitoring changes in demand to be able to quickly adjust our operations. As of now, we have yet to see any interruptions and we will continue to do all that we can to keep our factories, supply chain, customer service and other critical operations running.

Trusted sources

The situation is constantly evolving and we are following the development closely. In all countries where we have operations, we have local teams responsible for monitoring local authorities' recommendations, assessing risks and implementing mitigations. We urge our employees and stakeholders to be cautious when communicating about this topic, to prevent the spreading of false information. We turn to the World Health Organization and local authorities as trusted sources when making updates in our recommendations.


As stated, it is the firm belief of us Pauligians, that we can make a difference in the world, together with our customers, suppliers and partners. We have been in business since 1876 and we have been through tough times - even war - but we’ve made it through, coming out the other end even stronger. What have always guided us are our values - Strive for Excellence, Stay Curious and Grow Together. Now more than ever, they lead the way for Paulig.




Rolf Ladau, CEO

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