Santa Maria UK Foodservice
Green fields.


Great taste begins with respect for our planet.

Everything we produce has its origin in the earth. The specific conditions and the soil where our raw materials grow naturally also have an impact on the taste. Therefore we have both the responsibility and an opportunity to take care of our planet. In every way and on every level − from our suppliers' plantations all the way to your kitchen. 

Five key areas

We have decided to focus our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint in five key areas:

Environmental aspects are always included in our decisions and daily activities: when we develop, market and sell our products; when we choose and buy raw materials and packaging materials; when we choose and plan transportation; and when we produce the products in our factories.

Environmental management system according to ISO 14001

All our production facilities have implemented environmental management systems and are certified according to ISO 14001. We also consider the environment in our product development and purchasing. Read more in the section Our way of thinking.

Cooperation with suppliers and customers

But we cannot do everything by ourselves. In order to reach our goals, we cooperate with our suppliers and customers. We also cooperate with other companies in the food industry to increase our knowledge and further develop work on specific issues. Since the beginning of 2015, we have been part of a network focusing on the responsible use of water in food industry.

Read more about our cooperation with our suppliers in the section Responsible purchasing.



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