Santa Maria UK Foodservice
Organic turmeric

Organic products

We are highly motivated to find organic alternatives and aim to triple our organic range by 2020.

Organic alternatives with the same delicious taste

Our buyers work purposefully to find more suppliers that meet the requirements for both organic and Fairtrade labelling, and the flavour of these products should be at least as good as those of our other products.

Organic Tex Mex, spices and Asian

We have had organic and Fairtrade spices in our range since 2008. Our organic spices are collected in our Extra Fine Selection of Spices*.

We also have organic alternatives in our other product categories. For example, we have an organic tortilla, spice mixture and taco sauce in our Tex Mex range and an organic coconut milk, spice mixture and wok sauce in our Asian range*. 

*Our organic products are not currently sold in the UK, but watch this space! 


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