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Chilli for every taste

Most people associate chilli with very spicy food, which is perhaps not so surprising. Some varieties of chilli, such as Habanero and piri piri, are among the best known and strongest spices available. But actually there are chillies that are not strong at all, Paprika is one example.

Keep chillies dry and cool

All spices, not just chilli, should be stored in a dry, cool and dark place. Chilli can be a bit more sensitive when it comes to this. Ground spices always have a shorter shelf life than whole.

Is the chilli too strong?

Relieve excessive heat with milk products. Do not try to cool the heat with water! As capsaicin (active component of chilli peppers) is an oil it doesn't mix with water. Also remember to wash your hands when you have made the chilli. It can be very painful if it comes into contact with eyes. 

Season with pepper

The sweet peppers are a typical tablespoon seasoning. In a stew for 4 people 1 tablespoon of paprika is just right. The colours and flavours are maintained best if you add the peppers into hot but not boiling fat. This is a good rule for all the peppers and chilli powder as it can be easily burned.

Maximize taste of chilli

By seed, roast, grind or blanching chilli, flavours can be balanced and strengthened.

Core chilli

Remove cores from the chilli if you want to have a lot of flavor but little heat. Most of the heat is in the walls that hold together the cores.

Roast the chillies

Remove the stems and roast chillies in a dry skillet over medium heat. Squeeze it lightly and make sure that both sides are roasted. Chilli is ready roasted when it smokes a bit and the colour changed something without being burned.

Ground chilli

Dried chillies can be a little tough to hack or grind. Then it is good to grind chillies! Dry the chilli baked at about 100 ° C. Grind the chillies in an electric coffee grinder so it becomes really fine. Remember that the coffee will taste spicy if you use it for coffee again.

Parboil chilli

Cover the chillies with boiling water, let it stand for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid or save it to the stew or sauce. Remember that it is easiest to remove the cores when the chiles are soft, if you want to reduce the heat slightly. Then chop or puree the chillies by mixing it in a food processor or blender.

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