Santa Maria UK Foodservice
Santa Maria’s taste developers prepare a Tex Mex meal in our food studio.

Our way of thinking when we develop our products

We always want to offer the best culinary experience while taking responsibility for people and the environment − a recipe for success that we already lay the foundation for in the product development.

When developing new products we take into account the entire chain: from the ingredients and raw materials we use, to the type of packaging that is appropriate, and how we think you as a consumer will use the product in your kitchen. It is just like cooking as we need to ensure that no important ingredient is missing. Taste, availability of raw materials, quality, food safety, environmental impact, health and social responsibility are all examples of key aspects which in many ways can be controlled by the choices we make in product development.

Through the products and services we develop, we also hope to inspire and guide you to make more sustainable choices in your kitchen. We can do this, for example, by producing more vegetarian recipes and offering organic and fair trade products in our selection.


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