Santa Maria UK Foodservice
Chilli, fruit and vegetables in the kitchen.

Our way of thinking in your kitchen

In our world, no more boring meals.


Inspiring recipes

With inspiring and tasty products, we make it easy for you to enjoy exciting dishes from around the world in your own kitchen. Santa Maria's recipes provide inspiration for those who want to combine culinary experiences with the opportunity to think about health and the environment. Our good vegetarian recipes will ensure that changes, such as eating less meat, will not seem like a sacrifice.

Our packaging

Another important part of our responsibility and offer to you as a consumer is the packaging. By packing our products appropriately, we do more than just extend the shelf-life. Good packaging also makes it easier to use the products in the kitchen and store them once they have been opened.

We try to avoid unnecessary packaging − and we try to make recycling simple for you, for example, by making it easy to separate plastic and paper from each other. Read more about our packaging activities as regards the environment.


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