Santa Maria UK Foodservice

Matmissionen (food waste and local community)

Santa Maria is co-financing the first social supermarket in the Nordic countries

Santa Maria is one of the co-financiers in "Matmissionen" (literally, the food mission) in Veddesta, Sweden. Matmissionen is a supermarket that aims to reduce food waste by, among other things, selling merchandise with a short best-before-date. The project also aims to make it easier for people in financial difficulties by charging a third of the average retail price, whilst also creating job opportunities for people currently outside the job market. The store is a result of a collaboration between Stockholm Stadsmission and Axfoods.

The initiative is inspired by the amount of food that is being thrown away unnecessarily and the expected plan is to be able stop approximately 200 tons of food from being wasted in 2016. Santa Maria is one of the co-financiers and will also donate products for sale.

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