Our food truck flown in by helicopter to Iceland!

No More Boring Meals

Eating should be an experience. We want to stop boring meals and give you our best tips on how you can have enjoy eating every day.

Tacos around the dinner table.

We fight boring food

We are passionate about helping you discover new recipes and spice combinations from around the globe, irrespective of cooking skill or time constraints. At Santa Maria we have made a decision: No more boring meals.

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Our food truck on the way to a research station by a vulcano in Iceland.

We started in Iceland

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy exciting meals, no matter where they may be in the world. 

The Iceland crusade
Our food truck flown in by helicopter to Iceland!

Come with us to Iceland!

Santa Maria paid a memorable visit to a group of volcanologists carrying out vital research at a remote exploration station by Mount Hekla in Iceland.

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