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Add flavour to pork

Pork has a neutral and mild taste. For the everyday cooking you probably encounter pork mainly in the form of mince or sausages, but there are more to discover. Here we guide you right among the flavours and cooking methods.

Nice seasonings for pork

Cumin & chili

Cumin & chili

Are you going to BBQ? Then try slicing pork loin thinly, mix with cumin, chili and some squeezed garlic. Put the meat on skewers and grill. The result is reminiscent of gyros and is perfectly served in pita bread with tsatsiki and feta cheese.

Thyme & garlic

Thyme and garlic leave a strong mark on the neutral pork, whether you cook a fresh stew or fry pork chop. Add fresh garlic or garlic paste and the dried spice early during cooking to allow the flavors to bloom well.

Caraway & smoked paprika

Caraway enhances the natural flavour of pork and smoked paprika gives it a roasted tone. Brush 1 tbsp caraway and mix with 1 tbsp cumin and a pinch of salt. Use the mixture as a rub before grilling or roasting the meat.

Cook pork

Some simple tips for cooking with even better results. When you cook pork, keep this in mind:

Different meats, different ways of cooking

Different meats, different ways of cooking

Pork loin is less sensitive to heat because it has more impregnated fat. Pork chops, on the other hand, has no fat which makes it easily dry. The loin therefore fits better on the grill and the chops will be best if you first fry it and then let it finish in the oven.

Oil first, then butter

Oil first, then butter

Oil can withstand high temperatures, which is great when you brown meat. When it starts to clear, you can add a click of butter for a fuller flavour. Add the butter as late as possible to avoid burning it.

 Use thermometer

Use thermometer

When cooking whole pieces of meat it is good to use a thermometer. For pork the inner temperature must be at least 70° C. When you cook pork belly you can go up to 75° C and for pork loin you can let the thermometer rise to 85° C.

Fry a little at the time

Fill the frying pan to half and brown the meat at high temperature. If you don´t have room for all your meat at once, you can fry in batches instead of filling the entire pan. This prevents the frying pan from cooling down and the meat boils dry.

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