Add flavour to fish

Fish is an amazing ingredient. It can be used and flavored in many different ways, which will suit the whole family. Yum!

Fish favourite flavours

Ginger & Chili flakes

Ginger gives an Asian tone to your fish with its sweet and strong flavour. Add ginger and chili flakes to taste for a nice flavor. The flavours fit perfectly in Asian soups and stews.

Capers & dill

The fact that dill is suitable for fish is hardly any newa. However, capers are an undiscovered taste treasure, which gives the fish a fresh saltiness with character. Together, they will take your dish to new heights.

Coconut & Lime leaves

With a stew with coconut milk as a base, you get even the smallest family members to like fish. Add extra falvour with lime leaves for a good citrus taste. Serve your new everyday favourite with rice.

Fat and lean fish

Fish can be divided into two categories: fat and lean. Despite the designations, both varieties are equally healthy. However, if the fish is fat or lean, it affects how you taste and cook it.

Fat fish

Fat fish

Fat fish, such as salmon, mackerel, sardine, trout and herring love acid, such as lemon. The acid takes down and balances the taste and makes the fish feel less oily. Fat fish are excellent for grilling as they can withstand higher temperatures. You can also cook them in the oven, but keep an eye on the inside temperature, which for salmon should be 56 ° C.

Lean fish

Lean fish

Lean fish, such as cod, saithe, whiting and haddock also like acid, but to a lesser extent. Lean fish are more sensitive to heat and can easily become dry. A good trick is to fry a crust quickly in a pan and then cook it through in the oven. Use an oven thermometer so you know when the inside temperature has reached 56 ° C and the fish is ready.

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