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Add flavour to beef

The beef is rich and tasty. The deep red meat is suitable for sharp flavours and you can use it to a lot, from quick everyday dishes to slow cooked meals. Here we offer our best everyday treats with beef.

Spices that match with beef

Juniper berries & bay leaves

This classic combination suits well as a base in a musty autumn stew. Juniper berries gives a licorice-like, deep flavor and the bay leaves are a stable base to build flavours on. Add the spices early so that the flavors can develop properly.

Chili & cocoa

In a stew with chopped beef, chili and cocoa fits perfectly. The spicy duo gets even better the longer it gets to cock. Fry meat and spices with onions, garlic and add crushed tomatoes. Let cook for a long time, preferably the whole day before serving to allow the flavors to ripen.

Cinnamon & cloves

Cinnamon & cloves

The spices that usually bring to mind Christmas gives a Moroccan touch when combined with musty beef. Feel free to break the great flavour with mild couscous and a yogurt sauce with chopped fresh mint.

Everday beef

Beef is often seen as a festive and luxury alternative to everyday food. But it doesn't have to be. There are several pieces of beef that are both affordable and good. Here we highlight some alternatives that deserve some time in the limelight.

Prime rib

Prime rib

Prime rib is a relatively inexpensive meat that needs a long cooking time. Cut the right meat into bits and combine with your favourite spices. Perfect to prepare the day before and heat for half an hour before dinner.

Minced beef

Minced beef

Minced beef is available in different varieties and fat content. Mince can be used in many ways. Try making a large pot of chili con carne, for example, and then freeze. Perfect for picking up when the time is lacking and the stomach is empty.

Cured brisket

The cured brisket is already partially prepared and therefore can be cooked faster. It really fits well for steaks and stews, for example horseradish meat. Prepare all ingredients in a pan in the fridge and place on the stove when you get home. Quick and good!

Minute steak

Minute steak

Minute steak is the perfect meat when cooking needs to be quick. The thin slices need only to be fried a minute on each side. Try replacing the sausage in your Stroganoff with shredded leaf steak or adding it in your wok or Asian casserole with coconut milk.

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