Add flavour to vegetarian food

Vegetarian food is a wide concept that means different things to different people. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or just want to cut down on meat, we have some tips to help you reach new taste heights.

Enhance the flavours

When cooking vegetarian food, you need to use other seasonings to achieve a successful result, as you remove or replace the meat protein and thus lose some flavor elements. Here are some great products to use:


Soy is often available in two versions; a light and thin one that provides saltiness and a dark thicker one that offers saltiness and depth. With these you can find balance and the right salty character. Add soy early in the cooking to enhance the other ingredients.


Smoked paprika powder is great when you want to add smokiness, depth and nice color to your dish. For example, it works well in dishes where you exclude bacon or smoked sausage and want to retain the aromatic taste.


Umami can be obtained with natural ingredients, such as fermented fish. If you do not eat seafood, you can add some umami powder that adds depth, saltiness and character to your food.


Sweet and salty goes hand in hand. If you want to get sweetness and depth, you can try adding tamari, teriyaki sauce, sweet chili sauce, honey or agave syrup.

Think topping

A tasty meal needs ingredients and accomaniments with different texture and taste. By balancing up and breaking off with unexpected elements, the food becomes even more interesting to eat.



For hot or fatty foods it is good to break off with acid. For example, you can top your chili roast with a little yogurt or crème fraiche or squeeze lemon or lime over coconut milk dishes.



Crumbled feta cheese, grated parmesan or salted nuts and seeds are perfect to add to salads or dishes that have a mild flavour.



With a topping consisting of raw vegetables or chopped nuts, you add crispiness to your dish. Perfect for a soup or casserole that lacks chewing resistance.

Learn about other ingredients

Here you will learn even more about how to flavour and cook with other ingredients.