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Tortilla Beetroot Medium

Tortilla Beetroot Medium

Soft tortilla bread baked on vegetables and wheat. A tortilla contains about 31% beets. Santa Maria Veggie Tortilla Beetrot Medium tastes mildly of sweet root fruit and has a beautiful deep purple-pink natural color. Veggie tortilla Beetrot Medium makes it easy to cook clorful, healthy and tasty Tex Mex and Mexican food for family and friends. Santa Maria Veggie Tortilla Beetrot Medium is a soft tortilla that goes well with wraps, burritos, quesadillas and tacos and is as good in hot or cold cooking/servings.

Santa Maria Veggie Tortilla is also available with carrot flavor (Carrot). Santa Maria Veggie Tortilla contains fiber/Tortilla bread is excellent to freeze. Santa Maria Veggie Tortilla is suitable for vegan and vegetarian cooking.


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