Tacos with minced meat 碎肉炸玉米餅

Tacos with minced meat 碎肉炸玉米餅

  • 10 Mins
  • 15 Mins
  • 5 Ingredients
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Tacos are the best Friday treat! Fill crispy taco shells with taco-spiced minced meat, vegetables, guacamole, grated cheese and taco sauce. A real classic!- Tacos 是星期五最好的食物配搭!用肉碎、蔬菜、鱷梨醬、磨碎的奶酪和醬汁填滿整個Tacos外殼, 絕對是真正的經典!

What to shop

Serves {0} portions
Ingredients 食材
400 g minced meat 碎肉
1 tbsp butter 牛油
1 satchet Santa Maria Taco Spice Mix- 墨西哥玉米餅混合調味粉
100 ml water 水
Condiments 配料
1 packet Santa Maria Taco Shells -墨西哥玉米餅(貝殼形狀)
salad 沙律
tomato 蕃茄
Santa Maria Taco Sauce Medium- 墨西哥玉米餅醬(中辣)
soured cream 酸奶油
guacamole 牛油果醬

How to prepare

  1. Brown the minced meat in butter or oil.
  2. Add spice mix and water. Stir and cook uncovered for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Heat the taco shell according to the instructions on the package and prepare the accessories.
  4. Serve the shells hot, stuffed with taco-seasoned minced meat and good accessories!

It's just as good to serve tacos in Taco Tubs or Tortillas!



  1. 用黃油或油將肉碎煎成棕色。
  2. 加入墨西哥玉米餅混合調味粉和水。攪拌並不蓋上蓋子煮5-10分鐘。
  3. 根據包裝上的說明加熱Tacos並準備配件。
  4. 把Tacos趁熱上桌,裡面塞滿了墨西哥玉米卷調味的碎肉和其他配料!

配搭 Taco (浴缸形狀) 或墨西哥玉米餅也一樣好!