Burrito 墨西哥捲餅

  • 15 Mins
  • 6 Ingredients
  • Medium

A burrito is large soft tortilla bread wrapped around a tasty filling of meat, vegetables and salsa. In this recipe, the breads are filled with tasty shredded beef and peppers and topped with good accessories such as guacamole, salsa and grated cheese. ­­­­­­­­墨西哥捲餅是以墨西哥玉米餅配合炒香的肉類、蔬菜及莎莎醬捲成的大捲餅。這個食譜將介紹一個以牛肉為主要材料的墨西哥捲餅的做法,如喜歡其他肉類,亦可自由轉換。

What to shop

Serves {0} portions
Ingredients 食材
400 g shredded beef 牛肉絲
1 satchet Santa Maria Burrito Spice Mix- 墨西哥捲餅混合調味粉
1 pc bellpepper 甜紅椒
1 packet Santa Maria Tortilla Original Medium (8 pack)- 墨西哥玉米餅餅皮原味(8包)
1 tbsp butter 牛油
Condiments 配料
Santa Maria Chunky Salsa Medium- 粗粒墨西哥莎莎醬 (中辣)
guacamole 牛油果醬
salad 沙律
tomato 蕃茄
grated cheese 芝士碎

How to prepare

  1. Shred meat and peppers.
  2. Fry the meat in butter or oil until it turns brown.
  3. Add spice mix and shredded peppers. Stir and simmer for 2-3 minutes without a lid.
  4. Heat the tortilla bread according to the instructions on the package and place the meat mixture on top.
  5. Complement with accessories and salsa to taste. Roll up.


  1. 把牛肉及甜紅椒切絲 
  2. 中火燒熱牛油,加入牛肉絲並炒至變色
  3. 加入墨西哥玉米餅混合調味粉及甜紅椒炒勻
  4. 加熱墨西哥玉米餅並加入已炒勻的牛肉絲及甜紅椒
  5. 加入喜歡的配料及莎莎醬捲好,即可享用