The Iceland crusade

Santa Maria is on a crusade: We fight boring food.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy exciting meals no matter where they may be. We recently braved the elements and travelled to a research station by a volcano in Iceland - much to the delight of the researchers at this barren location. The Santa Maria food truck made the treacherous journey across unforgiving terrain all in the name of fighting boring meals…!

Icelandic landscape

A remote landscape away from home

Santa Maria found out there was volcanologists carrying out vital research at a distant research station by Mount Hekla. Not only is this physically draining work but the researchers can also spend days or weeks away from family and friends.

In terms of the researchers culinary routines in Iceland, it’s fair to say the mealtimes lack variety, excitement, colour and often taste. Food becomes far more about sustenance than enjoyment. This is perhaps not too unusual in such a distant location.

Santa Maria couldn’t resist taking up the fight. We decided to send a very special visitor to the researchers in Iceland.

Helicopter on the way to IcelandOur journey through a frozen land

Iceland is a fairly isolated place and home to some of the world's most dramatic landscapes. Not an obvious place to drive to in a food truck. Here are some photos from our travels…

Researchers out on field

Researchers far away from home

The researchers are primarily PhD students studying volcanology and geology. Studying an area like Iceland can provide important data into atmospheric changes, but how do they feel about working so remotely? What home comforts do they miss?

Icelandic landscape

Hard work in a barren environment

The researchers spend a lot of time on location, each day is long and can be tiring physically as well as emotionally. The researchers love their work but miss the creature comforts like spending time with friends and bonding with their families. The researchers sorely miss simple pleasures like freshly prepared good food. 

The Santa Maria food truck visits volcanologists on Iceland

Santa Maria paid a memorable visit

The volcanologists don't get many visitors when they are on location. On some research trips it’s not unusual to be isolated for days at a time, so the visit of the Santa Maria food truck made a huge impression on them!

“It’s so nice to have a change. Something which had whole new tastes and spices and fresh vegetables, and it was hot, and just completely different to what we’ve been eating. It was a wonderful surprise!”
- Catherine