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Veggie Caribbean Pineapple Chilli

Veggie Caribbean Pineapple Chilli

  • 15 Mins
  • Medium

Try this pineapple and tomato sauce with hot habanero chillies for a light summery dish. Adapt with veggies of your choice.

What to shop

No of portions
2 tbsp cooking oil
2 sachets Santa Maria Caribbean Pineapple & Chilli Sticky Sauce
300 g rice
2 courgettes
2 green peppers
2 yellow peppers
8 mushrooms
2 onions

How to prepare

  1. Chop the vegetables into small pieces. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan. Add the vegetables and fry over high heat until softened.
  2. Reduce the heat, add the contents of the Caribbean Pineapple & Chilli Sticky Sauce sachet and stir well.
  3. Simmer for 2 minutes, or until fully cooked.
  4. Serve with salad and rice.  

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