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Smoky BBQ 300 g

Smoky Bbq

A barbecue spice extraordinaire with a round, smoky flavour. Along with onion, chili, tomato and mustard and celery seeds give everything you grill an extra dimension.



Salt, onion (16%), paprika (11%), garlic (9%), black pepper, chilli pepper, tomato, coriander, yeast extract, MUSTARD seed powder, flavouring, CELERY seed, anti-caking agent (E551), smoke flavouring.

Nutritional Information Per 100 g

  • Energy (kJ)/(kcal): 1011 / 241
  • Fat: 5,6 g
  • of which saturated fat: 0,9 g
  • Carbohydrate: 30,1 g
  • of which sugar: 6,1 g
  • Fibre: 13,8 g
  • Protein: 10,8 g
  • Salt: 30,03 g

Package size

300 g

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