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Gold & Green Pulled Oats®. The Perfect Protein

This is Pulled Oats®. It is a vegetarian revolution consisting of oats, beans and peas. It is a perfect meat alternative naturally packed with fibers, minerals, antioxidants and bursting with protein. So all you need to do is to focus on creating the perfect dish.

A vegetarian revolution

Pulled Oats® is here to change the vegetarian playing field. But the ingredients are not new. Pulled Oats® consists of oats, beans and peas. That's all. But the mix is revolutionary. We have created a herbal protein completely without traces of soy, lactose, preservatives or other additives. It makes the Pulled Oats® a complete meat option that will be loved by all your guests.


100% Plant-based

Pulled Oats® is naturally packed with fibers, minerals and antioxidants that provide a higher nutritional value than any other protein on the market. This is real good food. Clean and simple. And best of all? Pulled Oats® gives you the opportunity to do your thing: create taste. With the fiber-rich texture, Pulled Oats® literally sucks other flavours. You can cook it in frying pan, in the oven or on the grill. When more of your guests strive for a flexitarian lifestyle and ask for vegetarian options, this is your winner.


Green Insights

The green trend is here to stay and people's desire for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle is becoming stronger. Our research shows around 50% of people consider themselves to be flexitarian. These are people who love their meat but still choose too eat less because of environmental and health reasons. 60% of your guests are willing to pay a higher price for well cooked vegetarian alternatives. 34% of people make purchasing decisons based on health and nutrition, and want food that feels lighter and fresher both for lunch and dinner. Whilst 24% of consumers state that their intention is to eat less meat in the future.


Healthy & Green Menu

The only thing you need to do with Pulled Oats® Veggie Mince Natural is to mix with your favorite marinade and fry for 5 minutes. It is also easy to toast in the oven and the perfect alternative to minced meat, with a tender and chewy strucure that easily absorbs taste in a fantastic way. It is just as easy to create wonderful green dish with our ready-made Pulled Oats® Veggie Burger, or Pulled Oats® Veggie Balls Classic or our Pulled Oats® Veggie Balls Meze.


Our Pulled Oats® products.

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